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Just got back from Sugar Island, Michigan, near Saulte Ste. Marie, Ontario. I used the H2 on the St. Mary's River. We did a lot of fishing and caught more fish than we ever have before. Trolling with the H2 was so smooth, easy, and quiet. The H2 is so quiet you can literally sneak up on the fish and troll right over them without spooking them. We caught 40 northern pike in 3 days, plus several nice smallmouth and walleye (released 95% of the fish). It was the most fun we've had in a long time and a great vacation, not to mention hours of exercise pedaling all day. I attached a picture of my brother pedaling my canoe. Note the for rod holders on the crossbar. We were usually able to troll 3 lines at a time. In the future I think I'll get some planer boards for the canoe.

Also, my brother brought his pedal drive Native Watercraft 2-person canoe. My old restored whitewater canoe with the H2 outperformed the Native Watercraft pedal drive system significantly. He was not able to keep up and I had to actually pedal slower so he could stay with me. My brother will be selling his canoe and ordering an H2 for next season.

Anyway, wanted to send along our rave review. The H2 is amazing. I estimate that we pedaled a total of 45 miles in 6 days. I would still like to have an aluminum cap machined to replace the black plastic cap on the rear part of the unit just to make sure it lasts and to give it a more sturdy feel overall. . . but this is a very minor change and driven more by me... the device actually performed fine.
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With modest pedalling effort, I was able to travel very quickly. Straight-line tracking is very good and turning is extremely easy. With my back supported, it was much easier than paddling, and the hands-free travel would make fishing or hunting easy and efficient. Portable and light enough for individual use, no other small craft I know of combines all these advantages. In 40 years of hunting and fishing, the H2Proped is the most innovative product for watercraft I have seen or used.

On a beautiful summer weekend, I had the wonderful experience of using the new "H2Pro-Ped™" from ROYLAN Industries. Without a moment's hesitation, I was comfortably seated in the canoe, and with one push on the pedals, I was moving out into the lake, quietly, peacefully and at an easy speed. The ability to move through the water in a specific path was effortless. Even docking the canoe was smooth and easy. I have spent 45 summers in cottage country, and I could see many happy, early mornings moving about the lake with a camera at the ready, a book for diversion or a coffee, and an attitude of complete relaxation while using the H2Pro-Ped™.

I really enjoyed using the H2Pro-Ped™ because it was one of the only times I've felt in control by myself in a canoe. Also, I loved the fact that my legs were getting a workout. Leaves your hands free, too, for reading, etc.

Having extensively tested and utilized the H2Pro-Ped™ for both a canoe and modified kayak, I can honestly say that with little effort, the vessels traveled at unbelievable speed! I would routinely take the system mounted in my canoe for extended "drives" down the lake. The ease, speed and maneuverability were both impressive and thrilling. It mounts quickly and easily in any canoe and I can envision cottagers now dusting off their "spider web supports" and becoming reacquainted with a lost love of canoeing!

I was amazed at the speeds achievable with such little effort in an entry level canoe. It felt like I could go all-day. As an avid fisherman, trolling is my first choice and the H2Proped opens up many options by freeing the use of my hands to control the fishing rod. The Flex Drive's material quality, fit and finish is excellent. Installation and removal is quick and simple.


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