Roylan Industries - H2Proped developed the ROYLAN Flex Drive
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The H2Pro-Ped™ is a unique, pedal-powered system that that will transform your canoe or kayak into a more enjoyable, user-friendly watercraft.

Part of the fun of owning a cottage is taking advantage of the waterfront, but often the most popular options for cottagers are left tied to docks or banked on shore, rarely to be used.

Many people own canoes or kayaks, but how many use them regularly? They can be difficult to paddle and control, particularly if you aren't experienced. Paddleboats are a popular option, but they're uncomfortable, noisy and not easy to maneuver either. H2Pro-Ped™ is a creative, new device that will inspire people to get out on the water again. It's pedal-powered and as a result, it is faster and easier than paddling.

The system is pleasantly quiet due to its unique design that eliminates excessive mechanical noise. The comfortable, ergonomic seat is adjustable, so it can be used by people of all heights. It fits on most canoes, without drilling or custom fastening. It's perfect for fishing, photography or morning cruises around the lake with your favorite beverage.

H2Pro-Ped™ vs Standard Canoe or Kayak

Recreational canoes are difficult for a lot of people to operate, as they can be hard to paddle and control in anything but the calmest water conditions. Too many canoes become glorified "needle catchers" because they're just not as much fun to use as they should be.

The H2Pro-Ped™ is pedal powered and your legs do all of the work, so there is more power behind the effort than with arm-powered paddling. Speeds of over 5 miles per hour can be maintained, depending on the canoe.

It's lightweight and fits on to most canoes in minutes, without drilling or custom fastening. The H2Pro-Ped™ doesn't require a rudder for steering, so your hands are left free, which means it's great for avid photographers and fishermen or those who just want to enjoy a cup of coffee while they tour around the lake.

H2Pro-Ped™ vs Paddleboat

Paddleboats are moved by pedal power like the H2Proped, but their inefficiencies outweigh any benefits. They are impractical and difficult to steer even under the best of conditions, and the paddling can be incredibly noisy. Younger children are often frustrated that the boat isn't easily maneuvered, and older adults can find the seats uncomfortable – in many cases, paddleboat trips can turn into short ones!

The H2Pro-Ped™ fitted onto a canoe or kayak is great for people of all ages. The adjustable seat has been ergonomically designed, resulting in a comfortable position for hours of use. The motion is quiet, and operation and steering is effortless, even for those inexperienced with watercraft.

H2Pro-Ped™ vs Motorized Watercraft

More and more lakes are banning the use of motor-powered vessels due to environmental and noise concerns.

H2Proped's pedal-powered motion is quiet, has no need for bulky batteries, and leaves zero pollutants behind in the water. H2Pro-Ped™ is strong and durable, for years of maintenance-free use. It is made in Canada and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Flex Drive is not a primary power source of operation. All regulatory and safety procedures must be adhered to.


The system has a pedal and crank, providing rotational motion to a sequential belt which transfers the directional force to a flex drive shaft; more »
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